Monday, 7 June 2010

Workshop - Regimes of Portuguese in different multilingual contexts in Europe

Clara Keating and Olga Solovava (hello Olga, at a distance!) lead the workshop participants through a multifaceted, multispaced existence of the Portuguese language. Their exploration draws upon literacy research, integration ideologies in education policies and uses a critical sociolinguistic and ethnography approach. Deleuze and his idea of rhizomatic analysis is also a part of the exploration. It is comparative work, but with a very deep understanding of the uniqueness of each place and position. The two data sets come from London (European Portuegese speakers, Group 2) and Eastern European migrants (Ukranian/Russian, Group 1) in Portugal.

The bipolar position of Portuguese migration needs to be understood as the basis and underlying fact. Different temporalities, different understandings and different multiliteracies of the language due to a longstanding history
of emigration.

Then audience was divided into two groups according to the two focus groups. People were to choose which identity they would adapt. Clara gave a policy/societal backdrop for each group. The groups have now initiated their work and I will pause to post this entry. Just in case Olga is online and would like to say something to us here. More soon!

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