Monday, 7 June 2010

Part II - Workshop - Regimes of Portuguese in different multilingual contexts in Europe

The two groups are now desperately (?) trying to get inside the two mindsets and contexts: the Portuguese speakers in London and the Russian/Ukranians in Portugal and identify the role of the different trajectories in the literacy practices/events/artefacts and in their narratives. The instances of mobility should be identified and the rhizomatic nature of the narratives discovered. The people are also encouraged to compare and constrast their own experiences with the biographical data on the handouts.

The group reported that they had been been discussing for instance the following: the migrations cannot be considered as on homogenous group but they should be given their own voice to state where you belong (a community idea rather than a fixed group), the myth of return, the economic value of literacy in community languages, the Eastern European situation in Portugal is a lot younger and the value of the local language vs. own language is different, and also the parents' background and ambitions matter. Clara closed the session with a short discussion on methodological issues, how to research a multifaceted and a complex area as this. No simple answers and nothing conclusive to post here.
Sorry for the messy summary, this hasn't been a simple task :)

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